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Redwood vase hollow turned

Redwood Vase

This turning project is hollow and thin-walled. As you can't see inside, it must be turned using feel and sound.

Mulga burl turned from a single piece

Mulga Burl

Natural edge Mulga burl turned in one piece.

Battle shield and flail

Teacher PPE

Some (slightly used) personal protection 😃

tenor ukelele blackwood and king billy pine

Tenor Ukelele

Almost done! King Billy soundboard, Blackwood back, sides and neck. Laminated Huon Pine stand

sample of turned pens

Pen Turning

Pens are easy, quick, cheap and fun to make. Students enjoy them as they promote confidence and make ideal gifts.

two cigar box guitars

Cigar box guitars

They're a fad! These two are electric and actually play really well. The left hand one was a Scotch finger biscuit tin.

pirate chest celery top pine

Pirate Chest

Celery Top Pine

two dulcimers

Mountain Dulcimers

Left - Blackwood and Celery Top Pine Right - Walnut and Huon Pine with Tassie sound holes.

wood turning examples

More turning

Some older projects that never left home :-)

baritone ukelele

Baritone Ukelele

Blackwood and Spruce

french polish figured blackwood

French polish

My favourite finish - time consuming - but worth the effort

abalone inlay in blackwood

Abalone inlay